Statement on Diversity & Inclusion

Archival boxes on metal shelving

The Society of Southwest Archivists (SSA) is a professional association that benefits from the participation of people from all backgrounds. SSA strives to ensure that its membership; the holdings that archivists and institutions acquire, preserve, manage, and make accessible; and the users we serve; reflect the historical and ever-evolving diversity of society. To guide and clarify our work in this area, the SSA Board approved this statement adapted from the Society of American Archivists’ SAA Statement on Diversity and Inclusion. [External Link]

SSA understands diversity to encompass:

  • Socio-cultural factors. These factors relate to individual and community identity, and include the attributes mentioned in SAA’s Equal Opportunity/Nondiscrimination Policy. [External Link].
  • Professional and geographic factors. Concern about these factors reflects SSA’s desire for broad participation from archivists working in various locations, repository types and
    sizes, and professional specializations.

SSA identifies inclusion as our commitment to ongoing and cumulative efforts (e.g., policies, principles, practices, and activities) that engages diverse communities in a welcoming, equitable,
and responsive manner.

SSA’s diversity initiatives are focused on fostering inclusion within SSA, the profession, and archival collections and users.

By embracing diversity and encouraging inclusion, SSA more effectively and accurately reflects the entire profession, serves a fuller range of stakeholders, increases organizational credibility,
and becomes a stronger advocate for the archival field.

Statement approved by SSA executive board March 2017.